Wednesday, 23 April 2008

UFO Spotted in St Annes

On the 14th of April a strange craft was spotted in St Annes. It's timing was interesting to say the least as it chose to appear straight after a meeting of the New Horizons group, where David Boyle had been chanelling energy in an attempt to contact beings from another world.

The sighting was reported by Steven Morris among others. Now we at LAPIS know Steve and it's always nice to hear of a report by someone you know. For a start it proves they really exist and can even be contacted to comment on their report - not like the reports by a friend of a friend's uncle's milkman and such like. Also it's a lot easier to evaluate a report if you know the people involved. Joseph Dormer, who is a good friend of ours, always stresses the importance of primary source evidence - and he's right.

But what about the timing? That depends on your point of view. It could be that David's chanelling was a great sucess and the craft was summoned by him and was indeed from another world. On the other hand it could be that after spending time at such an event the observers were half expecting to see something strange in the sky and so misidentified a plane or other object. (The area is on the flight path to Blackpool airport and it has been established that a plane from Palma was due in.)

Of course there should be no shame in making a mistake and reporting as unidentified something that turns out to be mundane. We have had our moments at LAPIS. For instance a couple of years ago during an overnight skywatch at Ribblehead we briefly thought we had spotted a stange new sight in the heavens, only to have our hopes dashed as we realised it was the Pleiades, minus the light pollution we are used to.

The report in the local paper touched on quite a few cases in the area and even included a quote from Nick Pope! However they claimed that other than the St Annes sighting there have been no other reports recently. Now this simply isn't true and we had in fact sent the paper details of some very recent reports which they chose not to include. A letter has been despatched correcting this but will they publish it ... ? The plot thickens!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Probe Conference Review

Last Saturday, the 29th of March was the first day of the Probe conference in St Annes. This is an event that we in LAPIS always look forward to as not only is it always a very interesting weekend, it is also the first conference of the year that we attend.

As usual the conference room was a hive of activity well before the start of proceedings. For us the day started with an unusual event, in that John arrived well ahead of schedule. Very strange.

The first speaker of the day was Dr Jeff Merrifield, who delievered a fascinating lecture about Damanhur, in Italy. This is an extraordinary spiritual and artistic community which began around 30 years ago when a group of people started to dig into the mountainside. Over the years they have created an awe inspiring underground complex, known as The Temples of Humankind. The community is based upon spitiual and ethical values and is a United Nations award winning sustainable community.

Dr Merrifield said that while tourists as such are not allowed into Damanhur, access is given to those who are seeking a deeper experience.

After a short break it was time for the second speaker. David Cayton, a LAPIS favorite, assisted by Robert Hulse, was dealing with the somewhat gruesome subject of animal mutilations. This is an area which, probably due to it's unpleasant nature, is often neglected at conferences and Sam and Jean are to be commended for not shying away from the subject.

David is a meticulous researcher who gave an informative and well illustrated talk. He discussed the fact that a frequent feature of multilations is a very rapid decomposition of the carcass, or in some case, no decomposition. There is also a lack of the usual subsequent predation. Farmers have been aware of muitlations since the 1950s and it is a worldwide phenomena.

As for who or what is responsible for the mutilations, David belives that the theory of them being carried out by satanic cults does not stand up to scrutiny and that they are the work of something from outside this planet.

One of the most enjoyable things about attending a conference is the chance to meet up with old freinds, make new ones, and enjoy face to face discussions with like minded people. With this in mind, and with five speakers on each day resulting in shorter breaks, something had to give. We decided to give Matthew Delooze's talk a miss and spent an enjoyable hour chatting to friends old and new.

In his talk the following day, David Boyle spoke highly of Matthew's presentation.

Next up was Jeff Moran whose exciting talk kept everyone awake and for part of the presentation, literally, on their feet. Jeff works in the education system and his talk which was entitled "Getting into the Zone" touched on the subject of right and left brain functions.

Neil Hague was the final speaker of the day and coincidentaly he was also discussing brain function. Neil suggested that some experiences that may be thought of as paranoramal may be from the inner world rather than the outer one and that visions and imagination can shape reality and vice versa.

After Neil's talk it was time to head off for a curry at Gemma just up the road and then go for a few pints in the pub. It was possibly due to the latter that Maureen was the only one of our group to arrive early on the Sunday, with the rest of us getting there just as the first speaker, Neil Mortimer, was begining his talk.

Neil has investigated many well known ufo cases in the past. He then developed a chanelling ability and increased psychic awareness. In his talk he discussed the Ilkley Moor plateau, which is a window area for UFO and paranormal events. This is an area which has been of interest in the past to the Feemasons and to occult groups. The area can be equated to a mythical "Land of the Dragon" referred to in an old manuscript which was re-discovered in the mid 90's. It is also the location for several stone circles and Neil believes that there is a solid artefact between these circles that will be located in the next few years.

The next talk was given by Nathan Sarea, who gave a lively presentation and encouraged plently of audience participation. He shared his belief in the power of human beings and that the language we use forms our reality.

A quick trip downstairs to get a coffee to aid recovery from the previous night gained added significance when I tiptoed in to the start of Frank Willis's lecture. He was in the process of telling the audience that the vast majoirty of us are drug users as we consume alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. (At least I don't smoke!).

Frank pointed out that there are vastly more deaths from alcohol then from illegal drugs and stated that in his view the illegality of drugs such as cannabis and ecstasy has more to do with political sensibilites that with health concerns.

He stressed that he was not advocating the use of drugs, but the education of society as to what is really going on.

The next speaker was Richard Lawrence who gave an informative talk about the Aetherius Society. He first came across the Aetherius Society in 1971 while a student at Hull University, and later met the Society's Founder/President, Dr George King. Richard made it clear that the society is not a cult and that he was not asking the audience to take his word, but to investigate his claims.

The final speaker of the day and of the conference was David Boyle. For those who have not met him David is a man with vast amounts of information and an infectious desire to share it. Luckily he also has boundless energy and a talent for business which is enabling him to reach new audiences through his conspiracies exhibition on the seafront in Blackpool.

His whirlwind talk touched on governments, religion and the media, creation stories, crop circles, pyramids, Avebury and more. When he was given the "five minutes left" signal by Sam, a disapointed David told the audience he had only got through a small perecntage of the information he had to share.

I can't possibly do his talk justice here but do visit his website, buy his books and DVDs and if you can get to sunny Blackpool, visit the exhibition and maybe you will meet the man himself!

So that was the Spring 2008 Probe Conference. Many thanks to Sam and Jean for all their hard work organising what was a fascinating weekend. The next Probe event is in October, but the next UFO and Paranormal event at the YMCA in St Annes is none other than the LAPIS Conference on the 14th of June. Come along and have a day at the seaside, and we'll give you a FREE DVD as well.