Wednesday, 23 April 2008

UFO Spotted in St Annes

On the 14th of April a strange craft was spotted in St Annes. It's timing was interesting to say the least as it chose to appear straight after a meeting of the New Horizons group, where David Boyle had been chanelling energy in an attempt to contact beings from another world.

The sighting was reported by Steven Morris among others. Now we at LAPIS know Steve and it's always nice to hear of a report by someone you know. For a start it proves they really exist and can even be contacted to comment on their report - not like the reports by a friend of a friend's uncle's milkman and such like. Also it's a lot easier to evaluate a report if you know the people involved. Joseph Dormer, who is a good friend of ours, always stresses the importance of primary source evidence - and he's right.

But what about the timing? That depends on your point of view. It could be that David's chanelling was a great sucess and the craft was summoned by him and was indeed from another world. On the other hand it could be that after spending time at such an event the observers were half expecting to see something strange in the sky and so misidentified a plane or other object. (The area is on the flight path to Blackpool airport and it has been established that a plane from Palma was due in.)

Of course there should be no shame in making a mistake and reporting as unidentified something that turns out to be mundane. We have had our moments at LAPIS. For instance a couple of years ago during an overnight skywatch at Ribblehead we briefly thought we had spotted a stange new sight in the heavens, only to have our hopes dashed as we realised it was the Pleiades, minus the light pollution we are used to.

The report in the local paper touched on quite a few cases in the area and even included a quote from Nick Pope! However they claimed that other than the St Annes sighting there have been no other reports recently. Now this simply isn't true and we had in fact sent the paper details of some very recent reports which they chose not to include. A letter has been despatched correcting this but will they publish it ... ? The plot thickens!

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