Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Orange UFOs Swoop on Bispham

The last couple of weeks have seen a spate of UFO sightings around the Fylde coast. Sightings of orange lights have been reported in Bispham, Out Rawcliffe and Fleetwood. Local resident Nicola Ormerod managed to capture footage on a video camera.


Anonymous said...

ive just seen a bright white light moving incredibley fast (way to low for a plane/and faster than a plane jet or propellor )horizontally across the sky inland but roughly following same line as coast....saw it for around 3/5 seconds before it headed out of view because of neighbours seemed to go in direction of warton b.a.e??

it was very low,far too fast for helicopter micro light etc and with no sound,i see and hear local air traffic quite often from my backgarden,but have never seen anything like this the past i have seen many chinese lanterns climbing and decenending with their warm orange glow but this light was much more white almost flourescent type light,bright but not illuminating its path in front of it...unlike a helicopter searchlight or plane sidelights.
im stone cold sober not under any influences,a bit freaked out though!

Liam said...

Just seen a bright white object appear from the clouds and up over my house in layton it didn't make sound. Has been a lot of strange goings on around here lately for example late hours of the mornings sometimes hear very strange sounds like a mariner's horn or trumpet going off. And also both me and my girlfriend have experienced strange sounds going on somewhat like communication of some sort but nothing like I could even imagine. I am not crazy and neither is my gf, there is definitely something going on.